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2020 Lexus LC in Scottsdale

“More Than A Car. A Feeling.” —

  • 471 Horsepower
  • 4.4 0-60 MPH (sec)
  • Apple CarPlay®
  • Full-Color Head-Up Display
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2020 Lexus LC MODELS

  • LC 500

    LC 500

  • LC 500h

    LC 500H

  • LC Inspiration Series

    LC Inspiration Series

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2020 Lexus LC performance

Unprecedented Handling

This is one of the most direct, precise driving experiences we’ve ever created. Near-perfect weight distribution was achieved by placing the engine's central mass behind the front axle, positioning the wheels close to the vehicle’s outer edges, and engineering a low hood height and driving position. While an array of performance systems were further enhanced for handling like never before.

2020 Lexus LC performance

Drive Mode Select

Sport S mode alters the powertrain for a more dynamic throttle response. For a higher level of responsiveness, Sport S+ mode modifies the next-generation Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), featuring dampers that are continuously variable through 650 levels—an increase of 641 from the previous Lexus system. Comfort mode adjusts the AVS to reduce the feel of uneven road surfaces and balances throttle response and fuel efficiency. ECO mode moderates multiple settings for enhanced fuel efficiency. And a Custom mode enables you to create a unique profile of a combination of drive mode settings for a more personalized driving experience.

2020 Lexus LC performance

Magnesium Paddle Shifters

Each detail of the steering wheel is crafted to help improve the feel, enhance grip and reduce driver fatigue. Large magnesium paddle shifters with a meticulously engineered “click” feedback and outboard placement contribute to an intuitive, track-inspired driving experience.

2020 Lexus LC performance

High-Performance Brakes

The LC delivers a high-performance braking system with massive monoblock aluminum six-piston front calipers with two-piece brake rotors and large, high-friction-coefficient brake pads* for serious stopping power.

2020 LC APPEARANCE Appearance Icon

2020 Lexus LC appearance

21-Inch Forged Alloy Wheels

On models equipped with the Sport or Performance Package, available 21-inch forged alloy wheels offer a lightweight design, black-and-chrome coating and a polished finish.

2020 Lexus LC appearance

Dimensional Rear Combination Led Taillamps

One of the most stunning features of any Lexus vehicle to date, the dimensional taillamps were inspired by the dramatic glow of a jet’s afterburners. Through the adoption of the infinity mirror principle, an endless dimensional motif is illuminated when lamps are on, and a sleek gray look appears when off. Eighty LEDs on either side create an even illumination with impressive depth and no visible grain.

2020 Lexus LC appearance

Premium Triple-Beam Led Headlamps

The triple-projector ultra-compact LED headlamps are more than striking. They're among the thinnest LED projector headlamps in the industry. Half the size of a conventional lamp, the polaric ellipsoid system combines with the daytime running lights and LED cornering lamps to create an unmistakable Lexus signature.

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2020 Lexus LC comfort

Elliptical Steering-Wheel Design

The painstakingly crafted steering wheel is the result of countless hours of testing and track development with Lexus takumi masters. An ideal profile was achieved by measuring the distribution of palm pressure during circuit driving, then exhaustively manipulating the cross section for the perfect grip at various points along the wheel. The resulting elliptical shape provides optimal grip when cornering with high G-forces and allows for direct feedback from the suspension. Even the stitching of the leather surface was calibrated for enhanced grip and reduced fatigue.

2020 Lexus LC comfort

Distinctive Door Panels

Alcantara®*-trimmed door panels with deep, undulating lines create a distinctive, dramatic cabin. Ambient lighting casts a subtle shadow over the curving pattern, and the rich materials give way to a marbled carbon fiber detailing that’s revealed as the doors open.

2020 Lexus LC comfort

Dual-Zone Climate Control With Climate Concierge

Climate Concierge integrates climate controls with the heated and ventilated seating and is easily controlled by a single switch on the Climate Concierge monitor. The system also pairs with the available leather-trimmed heated steering wheel to offer a warm surface around the entire circumference of the steering wheel, regardless of the placement of the driver’s hands.

2020 Lexus LC comfort

Mark Levinson®* Reference Surround Sound Audio System

While most audio systems are adapted to and installed in a vehicle after it’s produced, Mark Levinson®* technicians work alongside Lexus engineers from the onset of the development process. That’s why Lexus vehicles feature a dynamic sound stage uniquely fitted to the cabin. Mark Levinson®* exclusive image processing leverages perfectly timbre-matched transducers to deliver the most consistent and accurate tonal responses at every location in the cabin. Sound this rich even allows listeners to experience the arrangement of individual instruments and performers, which more accurately expresses the artist’s original intent. The available 13-speaker, 915-watt Mark Levinson®* Reference Surround Sound Audio System ensures that the performances inside the vehicle are as pure as the vehicle itself.

2020 Lexus LC comfort

Navigation System* With 10.3-Inch Split-Screen Multimedia Display

The large 10.3-inch high-resolution split-screen multimedia display provides immediate, simultaneous access to audio or climate controls and various systems, including Navigation. Featuring a full-screen map view for added convenience, the voice-activated Navigation System can map millions of points of interest across the country and can display information in English, French or Spanish. And, in addition to offering up-to-date traffic and weather information,* 3D city views, and simulated views of approaching highway junctions, it displays the current speed limit and can automatically identify nearby gas stations if you begin to run low on fuel.

2020 Lexus LC comfort

Heated and Ventilated Power-Adjustable Front Seats

In warmer weather, front-seat passengers can select from three settings to have fans inside the seatbacks and cushions circulate air through perforations in the leather trim. On cold days, these seats can also be heated to one of three levels.

2020 Lexus LC SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon

Basic Warranty 48 Months/50K Miles & Powertrain Warranty 72 Months/70K Miles

Every Lexus is backed by a comprehensive warranty that should give you miles and miles of confidence. But in case you wanted to extend your peace of mind, you'll find a variety of plans available, including ones for longer-term care, one that covers accessories and another in the event of a total loss of your Lexus due to theft, fire or accident. Take a look below to learn more about your standard coverage, as well as additional coverage options.

2020 Lexus LC Safety Main Img
2020 Lexus LC safety

Lexus Safety System

From advanced lane assistance technology to intuitive high beams that offer added illumination to help keep you focused on the road ahead, this integrated suite of standard active safety equipment brings us one step closer to a world without accidents. Select the image above to learn more.

2020 Lexus LC safety

Intuitive Parking Assist

Available Intuitive Parking Assist utilizes inconspicuous sensors integrated into the front and rear bumpers that are designed to detect surrounding objects. Using audible tones and an indicator on the multimedia display, the system can notify you of a detected object’s location and proximity, helping with routine tasks like parallel parking.

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